World Beard Day – All Of Your Questions Answered

What Is World Beard Day?

It is an annual celebration, in recognition of all the amazing beards people have grown throughout the world. On the day, any bearded member of the family should attempt to do no strenuous tasks and relax as much as possible. All other members of the family should offer support by completing any tasks and ensuring they cater for the bearded family members all throughout the day.


When is World Beard Day 2019?

The event takes place on the first Saturday of September, which in 2019 takes place on the 7th September. The event lasts the entire day.


What should you customarily do on this day to celebrate?

Many people conventionally choose to have a barbeque on the day, eating as much meat as possible. Alcohol normally also plays a strong role, whether it’s a manly scotch, or another spirit of choice.

The main focus is on manly acts, so you might want to do some work on your car, lift something heavy or dress up as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

There are also a number of great bearded games that can be setup, so you and your mates can celebrate the day in style. Some of these include a bearded pinata, or you could have a burning effigy of a bearded legend (or go the opposite way and burn a beardless nemesis).


Give me some beard facts:

  • Beards don’t just look great, they also protect you from bacteria and infections
  • If you were never to shave, your beard should on average grow 27.5 feet
  • Approximately 55% of adult men have beards, meaning we are in the majority!
  • The irrational (and disgraceful) fear of beards is known as pogonophobia…They can pogo away
  • You used to be taxed 100 rubles a year if you had a beard, by Peter the Great (great is debatable)
  • Beards grow faster during the day than at night
  • The chin curtain was made famous by Abraham Lincoln
  • The longest female beard ever recorded was 30cm!


The History Of World Beard Day

The frustrating truth is you will struggle to find the exact date people started celebrating this day. The reality is that the Vikings were celebrating it back in 800ad, therefore the exact details aren’t known. Those Vikings did grow a mean beard though!

One thing for certain is that the cultural implications involved in this day most definitely differ, from people holding boxing matches, to others burning effigies.


Are There Any Rules To The Day?

We’ve given you a number of ideas on what to do on World Beard Day, but are there any specific rules to the day? Well, there is only one clear rule, which stands throughout each society, which is you MUST NOT SHAVE on this day. They haven’t pushed it through the legal system, but it should be considered illegal!

The soft rule is that other family members should cater for the bearded individuals, but we wish you good luck if you plan on saying this, we don’t want to get you in the dog house!

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