What Is A Beard Bib?

Possibly one of the oddest things when first mentioned, a beard bib is actually quite an interesting contraption. To summarise, a beard bib is a cloth that normally attaches to the mirror in front of you and goes up around your neck like a food bib. The main reason for this is to catch hairs and prevent them from going into the sink. They look a little like a nylon hammock.

Why Buy A Beard Bib?

The first and probably the biggest reason is to stop hair getting into the sink. I can safely admit my girlfriend has given me a good telling off for getting hairs all over the sink, I mean even after washing them away it is mission impossible trying to get them off all areas of the sink. Hair can also clog up the pipes and lead to blockages, so it would be better to throw all the collected hair in the bin.

How Do They Stick To The Mirror?

This will depend on the product of choice, but many of them have suction cups. This allows for them to easily be placed on or off the mirror without leaving a mark. Some that we have researched also had locking levers, in order to help increase its ability of staying up without dropping hairs everywhere.

However, considering many suction cups may lose strength over time, I do recommend opting for a high quality product and reading the reviews first, as it would be pointless if it lost its ability to stick after a month. Following reading some reviews by regular customers of these products, a common trick was to keep the suction cups attached to your mirror and then simply attaching the bib when it is needed, as this increased the longevity of the product.

How Big Are The Beard Bib’s?

They are normally around 50 centimetres across and 100 centimetres between you and the mirror. Providing you don’t have an extravagantly large sink, this should easily offer the right amount of room for you to comfortably stand up and shave while collecting all the hairs below.

Neck Clips

Not all beard bibs have this feature, therefore I wanted to highlight it as I thought it was pretty nifty. To cut this story short, imagine you’re getting a phonecall and have to stop for a minute. You can then unclip around your neck and then stick the clips to the mirror. This keeps all the hairs collected without you having to take off the entire device.

Other products might offer this as a Velcro strap, which can easily be taken off and has a matching strap on the suction cup end.


Again, this will vary on each product, what extras they offer and what material they use, but it seems to vary between 1 ounce and 8 ounces. The Beard Kind seems to be at the top end, largely due to its great extra contraptions, credit where it is due!

Money Back Guarantee
From what I have seen so far, most offer a 30-90 day guarantee, meaning if you find it doesn’t work for you, you should be able to return the product. Obviously, I’m hoping this will revolutionise your shaving experience, but something worth keeping in mind when reviewing potential products.

Why Nylon?

The vast majority of the beard bibs are nylon, because it is a non-stick material, meaning you won’t have to spend ages afterwards scraping off the hairs. It is also easy to fold and tuck away into a small space. One extra consideration is whether it is washine machine washable, check the product before you buy it to find out this information, as it will need a clean after a certain period of time, as it will be collecting hair and dead skin cells.


More you spend, more extras you should expect to find, but what you actually need is down to you. You might find a travel bag, or a perfect sized pouch to hold the product. You may also be offered grooming items such as a beard comb or moustache scissors. These can be an interesting addition, especially if bought as a gift, but most of the time they aren’t necessary, they are just an addition to tempt you into opting for the more expensive pack.

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