Should I Dye My Beard?

This is all down to you, but there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to dying your hair. As greys begin to show, it is common practice to add some colour, however having a grey beard has other benefits. We will try to discuss all the pro’s and con’s, as well as other factors you should consider if taking this on.


Unlike a number of treatments, this can be carried out at the comfort of your own home, so there is no embarrassment or added pressure. At the same time, if you’d prefer a professional to carry this out then most barbers offer this.

This is a great way to cover up greys and add some natural colour to your hair. It also allows you to adjust the colour of your beard to the one you ideally would like.

I’d love to say we live in a judgement free world, but we don’t. Whether it’s in the workplace or in our love lives, going grey indicates ageing and it is completely understandable to dye your hair. You should never feel embarrassed or awkward about the subject.


The concept of dyeing your hair at the comfort of your own home might sound great, but it opens up a lot of issues surrounding getting it right, using the right dosage and going through the right procedure. We strongly recommend reading the guidelines closely and asking others for advice.

Make sure to choose a colour that actually suits the shape and structure of your face, as otherwise it can look quite simply daft. You also might want to go for something more conservative, so you don’t have regrets later down the line and so people aren’t so aware it is a dye and they think it is natural.

Make sure to use a dye specifically for your beard rather than your head hair, as this is a regrettable mistake many make. The hair follicles grow differently and the products therefore are formulated slightly differently, meaning, you guessed it, the results will differ.

There is no reversing the ageing process, your hair will continue to grey (not one to sound depressing), dyeing your hair on a regular basis is a commitment and you have to decide how dedicated you are to the cause.

How Long Should My Beard Stay Dyed?

After a single usage of hair dye, you should expect 2 weeks of colouring, before you will have to reapply treatment. Of course, the answer is connected to whether you choose a permanent or temporary dye. If temporary, then after a few washes you should see it come out or fade. On the other hand, a permanent one can be anywhere between a couple of weeks and a few months.

Should I Shower Beforehand?

NO, you shouldn’t. A number of people have a shower beforehand, this is a common mistake to make, but it will effect results. As much the same principle applies to the hair on your head, you shouldn’t dye after showering as you want your beard to contain as many natural oils as possible. These will help to absorb the dye, as well as protect your skin against irritation.

Can I Dye My Beard Before My Wedding Day?

Yes you can, but we generally recommend doing it a few days beforehand, especially if this is your first time. This will allow it to settle and to judge the results properly, as well as making any required adjustments.

Make sure to use a beard conditioner to help the skin underneath to stay moisturised and hydrated.

How Do I Prep For The Process?

  • As previously mentioned, it is imperative you do not shower beforehand, so as to keep the natural oils in your skin.
  • Make sure to use latex gloves to protect the skin on your hand. Trust us on this one, you don’t want your fingers to all be stained.
  • Stock up on Vaseline, as this helps with protecting the skin from the dye.
  • Make sure to keep a towel below and paper towels to hand in order to clean up any mess. You might even want to try a beard bib.
  • Make sure to use a colouring shampoo afterwards, which is specifically created to extend the longevity of your dye

What Is A Sensitivity Test?

This is a day-long test on your hair, to ensure it comes out right and the colour doesn’t change, or you don’t react negatively to the dye. Put the dye on a small segment of hair, preferably an area out of sight, such as on your forearm or upper arm or even chest hair (…You can test on pubic hair). After 24 hours, give it a wash and see how it reacts. Do you have any irritation or has your skin gone red? Has the dye changed colour? These are all very important questions before dyeing your hair.

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