How To Trim A Beard For The First Time

We have talked a number of times on growing out a beard and the importance of being patient, waiting for it to grow out before having a trim. But now you have been patient and it is finally time to cut it back and do some maintenance, so have a read for our guidelines.

Everyone’s hair growth is different, however it is approximately 3 weeks in that you can finally start to trim those awkwardly long hairs or patchy sections. We are all human, it is natural to have those stray hairs, however it is important to let it grow out before trimming and this is the magic moment where you can finally cut these back.

Start by combing your beard, so you can see clearly which ones are longer than others. An added benefit to doing this is that the natural oils will also spread throughout the beard sufficiently, as well as allowing the hair to grow in the right direction. You should also look to add beard oil, if you haven’t already, to help moisturise the skin below.

Week four is where the real trimming starts. Decide on what look you are going for, then invest in the right equipment, such as a trimmer, a good pair of beard scissors and a razor. Different styles require different cuts, but generally the cheeks should be kept shorter, with a clear cut line, to help prevent it looking scruffy.

There is a general rule to the neckline, that you should trim up about an inch or two from your Adam’s apple. I like to place two fingers (index and middle) above my Adam’s apple to the side, so I can see where I should be trimming up to. I then clean shave up to that point.

Once you have trimmed this line up, you then need a beard brush. Brush the hair upwards, then dowards and finally in the direction you want it to grow. During the process, you need to look out for stray or excessively long hairs to cut back with the scissors.

How regularly you stay on top of this is all down to you. I like to do a bit of maintenance every 3 days, with a proper trim once per week. This all depends on the speed of your hair growth, but I feel this is the right length of time for me before it starts to lose control.

On the other hand, there are some daily rituals I take in order to keep control, such as applying some beard oil in the morning and giving it a soft brush and comb. I also shampoo the beard about 3 times per week.

If you’re doing all of the above then you’re on to a winner, just make sure to stay strong and don’t cut when it is going through the itchy stage. You will make it through, even if it is absolutely agonising! The itchiness lasts a couple of weeks (different for everyone), but once you’re on the other side you will have a beard Chuck Norris will be jealous of!

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