How To Make Your Beard Soft

You’ve made the commitment of growing out the beard, but one issue you maybe didn’t expect to face was how to tackle that bristly hard hair and to transform it into a soft, comfortable and healthy beard. Even worse, your significant other may be trying to keep a distance from your face as she is finding herself getting scratched to hell! Well don’t worry, there are plenty in the same position and we have the answers for you.

Reasons Why

It is important to start of the why, before we can progress to the solution (however feel free to jump down to the answers if you wish).

  • Your beard and the skin underneath is most likely to dry, however in modern times there are plenty of products that tackle this issue.
  • You may have heard your girlfriend complain about split ends in the past and not understood the big issue, well this is the same with beards, especially ones that are trimmed more often.
  • If the only maintenance work you give to your beard is when you give it a trim down, then this could be the culprit. There are plenty of ways in which you can help the beard to prevent if getting hard and dry and I will detail these below.
  • We can’t all live on a beach in Barbados, so for the majority of us, there might be an element of coldness which could be a contributing factor. Think about it this way, your skin often feels dryer in the winter doesn’t it? Well think double for your beard, so hydration is key.


  • Beard Oil – We’re not just being biased when we highlight beard oil, as this is one of the biggest wins you can have, for multiple reasons. Firstly, they work as a conditioner, softening the bristles. They also work to moisturise and nourish the skin below, as well as removing any dead skin cells. It will also help you to remove any split ends or knots in the hair. Most people opt to apply a beard oil once a day in the morning after showering. A side bonus to this is that products such as ours have a fragrance applied, therefore it’s a secondary eau de toilette, helping you to smell great all day! This is by far the quickest and most successful way to soften your beard.
  • Shampoo – this is an adaption period, as we have washed the same way since we were children, however if you have a beard you need to start washing your chin as well as the top of your head. Simply use the shampoo on your head down to your beard, so you can remove any dirt and clean it efficiently. If you wish, you can also use a conditioner, however if you are using a beard oil such as ours then this is unnecessary. Most people opt to shampoo their beard around 4 times per week.
  • The Comb – There are a number of moustache and beard combs, which are shaped to easily get in there and move them about in small spaces. Not just that, you should also purchase a brush, so as to dispense the natural oils throughout the skin and keeping it moisturised naturally. Remember to brush upwards on your neck to start with, before brushing back down, then combing in the shape you want the beard to remain in.
  • Consider Your Diet – In general we try to preach a healthy diet as it can both help your beard and your body, but there are a few particular areas you may want to consider for hair health. Firstly, biotin (Vitamin H) has been proven to help both beard growth and thickness, which is why some people even supplement this when trying to grow a beard, but we recommend getting this naturally from your diet. Some food items you should add to your menu are eggs, avocados, salmon, sweet potato and liver (liver is by far the best). Some of these, such as sweet potato, have the added bonus of Vitamin A, which can help your beard to look shiny and healthy. Make sure to drink plenty of water in order to keep yourself hydrated, while you should also try to consume omega-3 fatty acids which will help you to grow longer healthier hair with less bristles.
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