How To Grow A Moustache

I know, we should have written this in the build-up to Movember, but for those who want a moustache for the other 11 months of the year, we’re here to help you create that perfect tach. Below are some steps and thoughts you have to take in order to get a great moustache.


1 What Type Do you Want

It is important to get in your mind how you want your moustache to look. Find images online of celebrities or bearded figures with the look you’re after, as then you have a target and a clear shot in mind.

You also need to consider your face shape very carefully, as this may change how it looks on you. Honestly, you might look at a celeb and wonder why it doesn’t look the same for you, this can come down to cheek bones, jawline or general shape of the face, the fact is we are all different. If you have an oval face, try for a triangular shape and a medium width, whereas for those with a square face you can opt for a heaver set of hair in your moustache.

Put it this way, if you have a jawline that would make superman blush, then you can have a full moustache on show, whereas for the rest of us, a ‘beardstache’ is a popular option.


2 Patience Is Critical

Your facial hair will grow at an average of 0.4mm a day, meaning progress can be slow, while everyone is different and yours might take a bit longer. This means no early trimming or changing before it has formed a shape of sorts.

The reason the patience is so hard is that it can look a bit odd and messy while you are waiting for it to get to the right length, you have to take this on the chin and push forwards.


3 No Scratching

For anyone who has grown a beard before, they will be completely aware of the itchiness that is in front of them. Well this is the same with growing a moustache, but don’t be tempted to scratch away. If you do, you might spread bacteria into the pores, or cause ingrown hairs.

If you are really struggling with itchiness, buy yourself an exfoliator, use a warm cloth and gently rub the area to release any of these trapped hairs without getting your hands directly on the skin.


4 Combing

Once you have reached the point where your moustache is long enough (this is different for everyone) start to comb the moustache to either side, away from your nose. This does help it to naturally grow that way.


5 Use A Beard Conditioner

You should use a beard conditioner in order to remove dead skin cells that can build-up in this area, the last thing you want is moustache dandruff…Yep, that’s a thing! It will also help to remove excess oil on the skin and fragrance the area. Generally cleaning this area will also help to remove any traces of trapped food.


6 Trimming

Once you have got to the stage where it is time to start trimming, then you have a few considerations which are important. Firstly, you need to purchase a good set of moustache scissors which will work with the length of your hair.

You need to clip the hair along the lip line, to stop them dropping into your mouth, which can be quite aggravating when growing out the hair. Follow the shape of your mouth along, so it trims evenly. You also need to comb your hair down once or twice more, before trimming again, so that you can get any loose hairs which are growing too long.


7 Avoid Trimming When Wet

It’s almost instinctive to trim any facial hair while wet, but you will want to avoid this. The reason is that once it is dried and the water weight is removed, the hairs will reshape and you may have cut it completely uneven. This is very common when people start out and is such a quick win to ensure you don’t make a mistake.


8 Moisturise

The skin underneath can dry out, so as well as using a beard oil, you also need to remember to use a moisturiser once per day, which can also help prevent dandruff building up in this area.


9 Wax

We’re not saying you need to style it the way you would with your hair. This isn’t a ridiculous fashion show, it is just important to make sure they are all under control and tamed. Depending on how thick it is and the look you are going for, you might want to add a little more.

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