Growing A Jax Teller Beard

It’s a natural progression following watching Sons of Anarchy. You go out an buy a leather jacket, you start to admire motorbikes, then you work out how to grow a beard like one of the legends from SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original).

It’s not just Jax Teller however, there are a number of great beards, including Harry Winston’s legendary chin warmer. In fact, Opie’s beard was chopped off straight after recording the final scenes, as Ryan Hurst had to play a different character, however tears were shed as it were removed.

There is also the much longer beard of Robert Munson (Bobby), as well as the calmer Chuck Marstein (Chuckie) beard.

But none can compare to Jax Teller’s beard, so read on to find out more about this amazing chop.

celebrity beard style

How To Grow A Jax Teller Beard

  • The chin line needs to be completely straight, with virtually no hair on the cheeks
  • The moustache needs to connect down to the beard line, therefore you need to be careful when going over the cheekline not to trim off this required line of hair on either side of the mouth
  • Trim the moustache with scissors, preventing any hairs from growing too long and dropping into the mouth
  • Use a trimmer on the beard, working at the required length you are aiming for (depending on which episode/season of the Jax Teller beard you are aiming for). Trim in an upward direction.
  • Trim at a longer length for the front section of the beard/jaw. This section requires an increased quantity of beard oil to stop split ends from growing.
  • The neckline needs to be shaved, to an inch above the Adam’s apple.
  • Get into a pattern or combing/brushing your beard hair upwards, before softly pushing back in a controlled manner.
  • Make sure to apply beard oil once per day to moisturise the skin and to prevent beard dandruff.

 jax teller beard style

What About The Hair Style

If you also want to grow Jax Teller’s Hairstyle, then you will have to grow it out a bit, as he has it at approximately 8 inches long. When growing it out, aim for just below the jawline, meeting your Adam’s apple in length.

You then need a form of waxy pomade in order to offer the shiny look and slick back style.

 jax teller hairstyle

Can A Barbers Style My Beard/Hair Like Jax Teller

Most absolutely will be able to, but you have to understand they need something to work with and they need a clear image.

Make sure to bring in an image, showing him at the peak point you want it at. Then try to find it from a few different angles if possible, so you can highlight how different sections look (neckline, cheek line etc).

You also need to ensure your beard/hair is long enough, as they can trim away but they can’t grow your hair, therefore they can only do it if you have plenty on their to work with.

Final Advice

You need to understand, when taking on any form of beard, that you will hit certain stumbling blocks, whether that be the itchy period or pushing when you don’t naturally grow in that style, but it is all about patience.

Remember that something like this requires constant maintenance. While Ryan might be playing a rugged biker, there is no doubt the character has a slick beard and look which would take plenty of work each day, so it eludes to a relaxed lifestyle which isn’t necessarily true.

As well as beard oil, which we love piping on about, you should also invest in some beard shampoo, so you can give your chin a rinse. Why not normal shampoo? This is all to do with SLS, but I talk a little more in detail on how to make your beard soft here.

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