Bullingberg Offers Conor McGregor A Piece of The Company (Also, Beard Oils)

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Ahead of the big fight, we’ve written to Conor McGregor making him an once-in-a-lifetime offer if he can defeat Floyd Mayweather - a stake in Bullingberg.

The letter, which has been sent off this week, reads: “At Bullingberg, we are passionate about creating the best men’s grooming and personal care products and are on track to become one of the most successful start-ups in our market segment here in the UK.

“We are among your biggest fans and are truly inspired by everything you’ve achieved so far in your remarkable career. Not only is it a thrill to watch you perform in the arena, but we believe Mystic Mac’s beard is also a thing of beauty.

“As such, we are reaching out to wish you victory against Floyd Mayweather and are delighted to be able to include some of our products to help your facial hair remain in the finest possible shape.

“To demonstrate our unwavering support, we are also making a public commitment to give you 2.5% of our company should you win the match against Mayweather on the 26th August 2017 within the first five rounds.”

Read the full letter here.